Armenian Ambassador, Egyptian Minister of Culture discuss cultural cooperation

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Hrachya Poladyan, the Armenian ambassador to Egypt, met with Nevine Youssef El-Kilany, the Egyptian Minister of Culture to discuss ways to strengthen cultural cooperation between the two countries.

The meeting took place at the Ministry of Culture in Cairo. Poladyan and El-Kilany expressed their appreciation for the existing cultural ties between Armenia and Egypt and agreed to work together to further develop these ties.

During the discussions, the participants emphasized the importance of updating and expanding the relevant legal framework between the two countries. 

Poladyan said that Armenia is planning to organize Armenian Cultural Days in Egypt in 2024. He also invited El-Kilany to participate in the Summit of Women Political Leaders for Democracy, Peace, and Security, which will be held in Armenia in October. El-Kilany expressed her interest in attending the summit.

The two officials also discussed the need to update and expand the legal framework governing cultural cooperation between Armenia and Egypt. They agreed to work together to develop new initiatives to promote cultural exchange between the two countries.

The meeting was a positive step in the ongoing efforts to strengthen cultural cooperation between Armenia and Egypt. The two countries have a long history of cultural exchange, and this meeting is a sign of their commitment to continue that tradition.

Notably, Armenia and Egypt have enjoyed a longstanding relationship characterized by cultural exchanges and mutual cooperation. The diplomatic ties between the two countries have fostered various collaborations in fields such as arts, heritage, and cultural preservation. The meeting between the Ambassador of Armenia to Egypt, and the Egyptian Minister of Culture, further solidifies these cultural bonds and aims to explore new avenues for cooperation.

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