Fixed Egypt launches ‘time stamp’ within its branches

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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Fixed Egypt, a company specialized in providing e-signature and e-stamp services, announced the launch of the “time stamp” service.

The time stamp is a new service that helps achieve more efficiency and accuracy in administrative and legal procedures related to obtaining electronic signature and electronic stamp services.

Mahmoud Ahmed, Vice President of Fixed Egypt for e-signature affairs, said that the operation of the “time stamp” service comes within the framework of the company’s continuous efforts to provide advanced technical solutions that meet the needs of users in Egypt, and contribute to facilitating business procedures and improving the quality of services provided in the government and private sectors. 

He pointed out that the company succeeded in expanding the scope of its services to include more than 41 branches throughout the Republic, in cooperation with Etisalat Misr, and through its presence in the headquarters of the logistical areas in the Egyptian ports, the public treasury, Cairo Airport, the Chamber of Commerce in Bab El Louk, and the Chamber of Commerce in Suez governorate.

Ahmed added that the electronic time stamp is a tool that links the date and time to the electronic document in a way that prevents the possibility of changing the data without being discovered and assigns it to an accurate time source that is legally approved by the Information Technology Industry Development Authority (ITIDA) and the association organizing the electronic signature service.

He confirmed that Fixed Egypt for solutions seeks to provide its services to customers quickly and effectively, which contributes to achieving customer satisfaction and achieving more success and growth in the Egyptian and regional market, and this reflects the company’s commitment to providing modern electronic services and meeting the needs of users, stressing that customers can obtain electronic signature and electronic stamp services through the company’s platform in an efficient and documented manner in accordance with the highest standards of digital security.

Ahmed added that among the goals of the Egypt 2030 plan is to enhance electronic services and digital transformation in all fields, noting that electronic signature and electronic stamp services are an important part of this strategy, and one of the most important goals of the government is to improve the investment environment and develop electronic services to facilitate business and make it more effective and transparent.

Fixed Egypt obtained an electronic signature licence from ITIDA in 2021, which is a great achievement for the company and confirms its ability to provide high-quality services in accordance with international standards followed in this field, and electronic signature services are considered an essential partner in many projects and services, as it provides the advantages of security and reliability needed by many institutions and companies, and many government and private projects rely on electronic signature, such as the electronic invoice, social insurance, the window platform for international cross-border trade, and the Investment Authority and electronic litigation.

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