Foreign Ministry follows situation of Egyptian workers injured in cargo ship fire off Turkish coast

Sami Hegazi
1 Min Read

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy of Egypt in Ankara are closely following the situation of the Egyptians injured in the fire incident of the cargo ship Beata Alfa near the Turkish coast, on board of which there were 17-man crew, of whom 14 are Egyptians.

The accident left one Egyptian fatality, Mohamed Qasim, while the captain of the ship, Hossam Abdel Hafez, is still missing. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs mourned the death of Qasim, and announced that procedures for the return of his body to Egypt are being finalized.

A delegation from the Embassy met with four of the injured, who recovered and left the hospital. It also visited the injured who still receive the necessary medical care at hospital.

The embassy also contacted the company that owns the ship to ensure that the affected workers would be compensated, and that it would bear the costs of their treatment.

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