Russia, China conduct naval maneuvers to “maintain peace” in Asia

Sami Hegazi
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The Russian Defense Ministry announced Monday the start of a week-long joint naval exercise with China on Wednesday, with the aim of strengthening maritime cooperation between the two countries and maintaining peace and stability in Asia.

The joint naval exercises, which have been held annually since 2012, include the launching of rockets and artillery shells in the East China Sea, the ministry added, noting that four of its ships will participate in the exercises,

Furthermore, the Faryage missile cruiser, while six Chinese ships will participate in addition to aircraft and helicopters from both sides.

“The active part of the exercise, which ends on 27 December, includes firing combined missiles and artillery at air targets, firing artillery at sea targets, and training in joint anti-submarine actions, including the practical use of weapons,” the ministry said, according to ITAR-TASS news agency.

Earlier on Monday, the Russian ships sailed from the Russian far east port of Vladivostok in preparation for the maneuvers.

The exercise reflects the growing defense relationship between Moscow and Beijing, which has been strengthened since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with China vehemently refusing to criticize the war and blaming the United States(US) and NATO for provoking Moscow.

For its part, Russia has sought closer political, security, and economic ties with China since the invasion, regarding Chinese leader Xi Jinping as a “key ally” in an anti-Western coalition.

In August, Russia and China held massive military exercises in the east of the country, reflecting the increasingly close defense ties between Moscow and Beijing, amid tension with the West over Ukraine.

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