EGP 14.596bn increase in the value of CBE’s gold balances by end of November 2022

Hossam Mounir
2 Min Read

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) revealed that the value of its gold balances increased to EGP 173.658bn at the end of November 2022, compared to EGP 159.062bn at the end of October — an increase of EGP 14.596bn.

According to the financial statements of the CBE, the bank’s total assets rose to EGP 3.699 trillion at the end of November, compared to EGP 3.480 trillion — an increase of EGP 219bn.

Furthermore, the capital of the CBE amounted to EGP 21.600bn, unchanged from October, while the balance of reserves amounted to EGP 328.603bn, compared to EGP 328.336bn, and the total equity rights amounted EGP to 3.801bn.

The lists also revealed that the value of his contributions to the capital of subsidiaries and sister companies increased to EGP 28.028bn, compared to EGP 27.959bn — an increase of about EGP 69m.

Additionally, the bank indicated that its contributions to the capital of international financial institutions increased to EGP 16.190bn, compared to EGP 15.895bn — an increase of EGP 295m.

Also, the central bank’s balances with banks amounted to about EGP 249.026bn, compared to EGP 239.727bn, while its balances with the International Monetary Fund amounted to the equivalent of about EGP 7.105bn, compared to the equivalent of about EGP 11.664bn.

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