Arab FMs call for an extraordinary move to unify Arab positions

Sami Hegazi
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At the conclusion of the preparatory meeting of the foreign ministers of the Arab League at the summit level in Algeria on Sunday, the participants called for the need for the upcoming Arab Summit to represent an exceptional move to unite Arab positions and restore stability in the Arab world.

In his speech, Secretary-General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul-Gheit expressed everyone’s aspiration that the 31st Summit in Algeria will be a “milestone” in activating joint Arab action and enhancing its effectiveness, warning of the seriousness of the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories and an impending boiling point.

He also stressed that the current stage “requires serious work from everyone in order to strengthen Palestinian steadfastness at all political and economic levels.”

“The recent signing of the Palestinian Reconciliation Agreement in Algeria represents a step on the right path, and we all look forward to a practical translation of this agreement and a commitment by the Palestinian factions to implement its provisions,” Aboul-Gheit affirmed.

For his part, Tunisian Minister of Foreign Affairs Othman Jerandi praised the tireless efforts made by Algeria in order to prepare for the Arab Summit scheduled for 1 and 2 November and ensure its success.

In the same context, he noted the support of the AL for the bonds of cooperation between Arab countries and its keenness to develop the performance of the organisation regionally and internationally.

Furthermore, he recalled what his country undertook during its chairmanship of the 30th summit, which took place — as he highlighted — “within the framework of an unprecedented international context imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and an international review of priorities dictated also by the Ukrainian crisis with a high spirit of responsibility and a firm commitment to championing the causes of truth and justice.”

He also pointed out that Tunisia has worked to support Arab communication and support the unification of ranks to overcome the challenges facing the region during its tenure at the UN Security Council in addition to supporting the position of states to resolve crises, especially the Palestinian issue.

Additionally, Jerandi explained that his country has worked to reach a Libyan consensus to fast-track holding elections in the country, welcoming the consensus of the Palestinian factions through the Algiers Declaration.

Finally, he called on the Arab Summit to unite Arab positions in restoring stability in Yemen, Iraq, and Lebanon.

In a speech, Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ramtane Lamamra said that “Algeria relies a lot on the contribution of everyone at the Arab Summit to achieve new beginnings for joint Arab action according to a non-traditional approach that responds to the requirements of the present.”

He also called on Arab countries to “redouble their efforts as a harmonious and united group guided by the principle of unity of destiny and its values and obligations, and to work to value the elements of their integration and renaissance as a nation.”

Furthermore, Lamamra added that the developments witnessed by the world, despite their complexity, “should not be forgotten by the concerns of our Arab nation, especially the Palestinian issue, which is going through its most difficult stages today in light of the stalemate of the political process and the persistence of the occupier in imposing a fait accompli policy.”

He then saluted Palestine for its involvement in the reconciliation initiative launched by President Abdelmadjid Tebboune earlier this year in coordination with President Mahmoud Abbas, which culminated in the signing of the Algiers Declaration to achieve Palestinian national unity.

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