Real estate stocks top EGX in August with turnover of EGP 7.1bn

Fatma Salah
3 Min Read

The real estate sector topped the list of sectors traded in the Egyptian Exchange (EGX) in terms of trading value in August, bringing in EGP 7.1bn and a trading volume of 4.6 billion stocks.

The banking sector came in the second with a trading value of EGP 4.5bn and a trading volume of 139.95 million stocks, followed by the non-banking financial services sector with a trading value of EGP 3.6bn and a volume of 2.7 billion stocks.

The telecommunications sector occupied the fourth place with a trading value of EGP 2.97bn and a trading volume of 1.99 billion shares, followed by the basic resources sector with a trading value of EGP 2.4bn and a trading volume of about 293.6 million stocks.

The main index of the EGX, the EGX30, closed with an increase of 5.61% during the month of August, settling at 9,998 points, and the EGX70 EWI index increased by 17.82%, closing at 2,201 points.

Furthermore, the EGX gained EGP 51.8bn in August, closing the market capital of shares listed in the inside market at EGP 685.2bn, compared to EGP 633.4bn at the end of July — an increase of 8.18%.

Additionally, the S&P index increased by 9.2%, closing the period at 1.753 points. The EGX30 capped index recorded a rise of 6.66%, closing at 12,371 points. And the EGX100 index increased by 15.29%, closing at 3,153 points.

August’s total trading value reached EGP 100bn, and its trading volume amounted to 19.8 million papers executed on 1.299 million transactions, compared to July’s EGP 39.8bn in trading value and trading volume of 6.634 million papers executed on 532,000 transactions.

Stocks accounted for 54.8% of the total value of trading inside the booth, while the value of bonds traded about 45.1% during the month.

Egyptians’ transactions recorded 82.9% of the total transactions on listed shares, while foreigners accounted for 11.9% and Arabs accounted for 5.3%, excluding deals.

Foreigners recorded a net sale of EGP 16.2m, while Arabs recorded a net purchase of EGP 1.9bn, after excluding deals.

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