CBE reveals bank performance indicators in April 2022

Hossam Mounir
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The total financial position of banks working in the Egyptian market, except the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE), increased to EGP 9.626trn in April 2022, compared to EGP 9.413trn in March 2022, a growth of EGP 213bn.

A recent report issued by the CBE revealed that banks’ capital also increased to nearly EGP 233.144bn in April, while the balance of reserves amounted to EGP 427.124bn, and allocations recorded EGP 215.193bn.

The CBE announced that customer deposits in the Egyptian banking system increased in April by about EGP 108.5bn, reaching EGP 7.089trn, compared to EGP 6.980trn in March 2022.

The CBE explained that government deposits increased to EGP 1.408trn in April compared to EGP 1.377trn in March, of which about EGP 1.217trn was in local currency and EGP 191.446bn in foreign currencies.

On the other hand, the volume of non-governmental deposits in banks amounted to EGP 5.680trn in April, compared to EGP 5.602trn in March 2022.

According to the CBE, the volume of non-governmental deposits in local currency amounted to EGP 4.829trn, compared to EGP 4.770trn. The public business sector accounted for EGP 91.866bn of that amount, and the private sector EGP 654.6bn, while the household sector accounted for EGP 4.068trn, and the rest of the sector, including non-residents, checks, and remittances accounted for EGP 16.072bn.

It pointed out that deposits in foreign currencies recorded EGP 850.7bn, compared to EGP 832.3bn. The public business sector accounted for nearly EGP 47.3bn, the private sector EGP 265.9bn, the household sector EGP 513.8bn, and the rest of the other sectors, including non-residents and remittances, nearly EGP 24bn.

In another context, the CBE revealed that the total credit facilities granted by banks to their customers in April 2022 increased to about EGP 3.489trn, an increase of EGP 585.4bn during the period from July 2021 to April 2022.

In its monthly report, the CBE attributed this rise to an increase in credit facilities granted by non-government banks worth EGP 351.8bn, at a rate of 19.6%, and credit facilities granted to the government worth EGP 233.6bn, at a rate of 21.1%.

The increase in the facilities granted to the government was the result of the increase in foreign currency reserves, equivalent to EGP 129.7bn, and the total balance of local currency to EGP 103.9bn.

According to the relative distribution of credit facilities to non-governmental organizations, the private sector obtained 60.9% in April. The industrial sector obtained 28.3% of these facilities, followed by the services sector by 26.9%, then the trade sector by 10.8%, and the agriculture sector by 2.4%. The rest of the undistributed sectors, which include the household sector, individuals, local non-profit organisations, and foreign bodies operating in Egypt, obtained 31.6% of facilities, of which 31.3% went to the household sector.

With regard to the loan portfolio, the CBE revealed that it increased by about EGP 70bn to EGP 3.418trn in April, compared to EGP 3.348trn in March 2022.

The CBE pointed out that the volume of loans granted to the government amounted to EGP 1.286trn, of which EGP 872.07bn were in local currency, and EGP 414.6bn in foreign currencies, while the total non-governmental loans increased to EGP 2.131trn.

The volume of non-governmental loans in local currency amounted to EGP 1.865trn, of which the agricultural activity accounted for EGP 48.73bn, the industrial sector EGP 472.023bn, the commercial activity EGP 215.5bn, and the services sector EGP 468.6bn. The rest of the undistributed sectors accounted for EGP 660.9bn.

The CBE explained that the total foreign currency loans amounted to EGP 266.079bn, of which the agricultural sector acquired EGP 3.2bn, the industrial sector EGP 131.2bn, the commercial sector EGP 14.16bn, and the service sector EGP 105.598bn, while the rest of the undistributed sectors accounted for EGP 11.800bn.

The CBE said that the bank’s securities portfolio, which includes banks’ investments in stocks, treasury bills, bonds, and investment fund documents, increased to EGP 3.636trn in April 2022, compared to EGP 3.549trn in March 2022.

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