Orange Egypt Sponsors Art D’Egypte Exhibition’21 for the 4th year in a row

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Orange Egypt Sponsors Art D'Egypte Exhibition’21 for the 4th year in a row

Orange Egypt announced its sponsorship of the 4th edition of the Art D’Égypte exhibition entitled “Forever is Now” that will take place from Oct’21st to Nov 7th at the Great Historical Giza Pyramids.

Orange Egypt continues its support and sponsors the exhibition for the 4th year in a row as part of its ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility activities and in light of its great interest in supporting arts and cultural initiatives that highlight Egypt’s global influence and consolidate its international status as the capital of art, culture, beauty, and civilization.

“Forever Is Now” is the first exhibition of its kind in the 4500-year history to take place at the Pyramids of Giza, and is being executed under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and UNESCO, and is supported by the embassies of the United States, Switzerland, and France in Egypt, in addition to the British Council.

Orange Egypt was also keen to provide all forms of support for the international art exhibition whereas the “Forever is Now” edition represents the arts of the ancient Egyptians alongside the works of contemporary artists, allowing a refined artistic dialogue between generations and inspiring the imagination of the audience with works that reveal the diversity of humanity.

To enhance the exhibition’s visitors experience, Orange is to provide full Wi-Fi coverage for the attendees while enabling them to know about all the details of the exhibition and its activities, and Art D’Égypte previous work; through a special mobile application developed by Orange Labs.

has a detailed map of the exhibition, all the details about the exhibition, the parallel activities, and Art D’Égypte work through the last 5 years

Artists from all over the world are participating in this unique event such as the Ukrainian artist Alexander Ponomarev; American artist Gisela Colon; Brazilian artist Joao Trevisan; French artist JR; Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn, Egyptian artists Moataz Nasr and Sherin Guirguis; British artists Shuster + Moseley and Stephen Cox RA and Saudi artist Sultan bin Fahad.

On this occasion, Mrs. Maha Nagy, Chief Marketing Communications Officer at Orange, said “We are very thrilled and proud to see Orange Egypt’s logo present at this great artistic and cultural event at Giza Pyramids, the oldest and last remaining icon of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Such events are of particular interest to us as one of the most important objectives of our diverse CSR programs where culture and arts are one of the priorities of the Orange Group’s strategy, which seeks to boost artistic movements between the whole world and the countries in which it operates. “

“Holding a contemporary art exhibition at the historical Pyramids plateau means that we are going through a unique event that merges the ancient heritage with talents of the modern era”. She added “We seek to increase awareness of Egypt’s arts and talents to showcase the modern Egyptian art and intensify the Egyptian presence internationally”.

For her part, Nadine Abdel Ghaffar, founder of Art D’Egypte, said, “Orange Egypt stands out as one of the oldest sponsors of Art D’Egypte. We appreciate this kind of support and are pleased to see Egyptian companies expand their support for art in Egypt.”

This is the fourth time that Art D’Égypte has chosen a unique historical site in Egypt for its exhibition, as the 2017 edition witnessed the first exhibition being held in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square, and in the 2018 edition it moved to the Manial Palace and Museum, then the exhibition was organized in the ancient Al-Muizz Street in Cairo in 2019 which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Historic Cairo.

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