Housing & Development Bank, Education Ministry partner to support special needs students

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Egypt’s Housing and Development Bank (HDB) has signed a joint cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education to support the ministry’s efforts to provide distinguished education for special needs students. 

The protocol was also signed by the Qualitative Federation of the Rotary Clubs, and aims to integrate students with special needs into society.

It also aims to develop 30 resource rooms, and provide awareness training on integration according to the training package prepared by the ministry.

The protocol was signed by: Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education; Hassan Ghanem, Chairperson and Managing Director of the HDB; and Yasser Nashaat, Governor of the Rotary Region. It took place in the presence of a number of leaders from the ministry and HDB.

Signing this protocol comes as part of the HDB’s keenness to play a social role to achieve comprehensive development in all sectors of society. It hopes to do so through a targeted strategy for social responsibility based on initiatives and programs with a positive and effective impact to support the sectors most in need.

It aims to achieve sustainable economic, social, and environmental growth, with the priority going to the health and education sectors.

The HDB pays great attention to social responsibility activities to support special needs students to support their integration into society in order to achieve the principle of social justice and equal opportunities.

Ghanem expressed his sincere appreciation for the effective role played by the Ministry of Education and Technical Education to develop the educational process. He applauded the efforts to prepare a conscious generation qualified to advance the future of the country.

He also praised the special attention the ministry gives to supporting students of determination through multiple programmes to provide them with an outstanding education. 

These programmes look to create a supportive learning environment that suits their abilities and needs to help them integrate into society, whilst providing those with fair opportunities compared to their peers.

Ghanem praised the continuous and effective efforts of the Qualitative Federation of the Rotary Clubs, one of the most important civil society organisations, in cooperating with various state institutions to achieve sustainable community development.

From the HDB’s side, the protocol’s signing was attended by: Walid Matar, Assistant Managing Director of Retail Banking; Gehan El Goly, Head of Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility; and Gehan Othman, General Manager of Social Responsibility.

From the ministry’s side, attendees were: Ahmed Daher, Deputy Minister for Technological Development; Hala Abdel Salam, Head of the Central Administration for Special Education Affairs; and Sherine Hamdy, Supervisor of the Central Administration for the Affairs of the Minister’s Office. 

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