Medixia Global receives EGP 5m in funding from local investor

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
3 Min Read

Medxia Global, a health technology solutions and products company, has announced that it has received EGP 5m in funding from a local investor.

The finance will go towards increasing its capital and expand its business in its operating countries, according to the company’s president Mohamed Fayek.

He added that the company aims to increase its investments into the Egyptian market by EGP 30m by the end of 2021. 

Fayek said that his company aims to focus on developing digital health applications, to keep pace with technological development and global changes within the sector.

He revealed that the company is currently paying close attention to digital transformation, in order to help healthcare providers.

He added that the digitisation of the health sector is linking various entities together under a unified system, including: telecommunications services companies; hospitals; government and regulatory bodies; as well as medical educational institutions.

Fayek noted that Medixia Global is an agent for over 15 brands in medical technology solutions in several countries, most notably Singapore, China, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Italy, and Spain.

He said that the company has a presence mainly in the UAE and Singapore, and plans to expand by mid-2022 in a number of African countries. These include Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria, and are set to take place through partnerships with service providers in the countries, to support the needs of the health system and the nature of users.

Medixia Global was founded in 2009 and works in the field of medical technology solutions and electronic health systems, whether applications on mobile devices or the web, hospital management software, health care analytics data analysis and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Fayek said that, in March 2020, Medixia Global developed a free Arabic language android application with guidelines to help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The app, called “I guarantee your protection from coronavirus”, aims to raise awareness among the community, and highlight the commitment to precautionary measures.

Fayek said that the application was also equipped with a technique to identify the lifestyle of the user, and determine behaviours to prevent the risk of infection.

This is in addition to the integration of a questionnaire from Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population, that includes a questionnaire about COVID-19 symptoms. Following their response, and should they require any further attention, it directs for home isolation or calling the 105 hotline.

Fayek said that an estimated 28,000 application downloads have been processed both locally and across the Arab region.

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