Social Solidarity Ministry marks Mother’s Day with benefits for mothers

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Egypt’s Minister of Social Solidarity Nevine El-Kabbaj has announced that her ministry will mark Mother’s Day with a range of benefits for mothers. 

El-Kabbaj said that the benefits come as part of the ministry’s aim to protect, develop, and preserve the Egyptian family. They focus especially on women in rural and remote areas, or groups who are subject to constraints, such as disabilities or youngsters who have been orphaned. 

The minister said that civil society is a main partner in implementing many projects. She added  that five non-governmental organisations (NGOs) affiliated with the Ministry have announced they will be opening the doors of their charitable hospitals and clinics on Saturday and Sunday. Over the course of those two days, they will offer the free detection and diagnosis of diseases for all mothers nationwide.

El-Kabbaj said that the Ministry of Social Solidarity is communicating with associations to exempt imprisoned women from debt. It is also conducting a campaign to encourage the sponsorship of orphans and reduce their numbers at care institutions.

She added that her ministry has maintained the rules of justice in choosing the ideal mother for the current year.

El-Kabbaj said that the criteria set to choose the ideal mother includes that the age is not less than 50 years, and that she can read and write. She must also be able to take part in enrolling her children in higher, intermediate, or technical education, and have personality traits of toughness and strength.

The minister expressed her thanks to President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi for following up on this topic, saying, “He is a human being who values ​​human rules and noble values, and women have witnessed real empowerment during his reign, not just numbers.”

El-Kabbaj’s remarks came during a press conference on Saturday, to announce the names of the ideal mothers for the year 2021 at the governorate level. 

The announcement came in accordance with the criteria and conditions set by the central committee formed of representatives from the concerned authorities. The representatives chose the ideals on which the choice was made, with each choice having a story of struggle that deserves to be honoured. A total of 305 applicants to the award fit the conditions. 

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