Endorse introduces healthcare leasing initiative

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Endorse introduces healthcare leasing initiative

The financing solutions company, Endorse, has launched its first initiative in Egypt to help doctors, pharmacists, and healthcare practitioners to set up or upgrade their clinics, pharmacies, and medical labs.

The leasing programme is dedicated specifically to Egypt’s healthcare sector, and comes at a time when healthcare has proven its paramount importance at the forefront of every market worldwide.

Mervat Erian, CEO at Endorse, said, “It is part of our mode of operation to study the market constantly and to try to fill the financing gaps in every industry sector whenever needed.”

The initiative intends to help medical practitioners offset the setup or upgrade costs of their facilities, by providing leasing programmes for medical equipment that might represent high initial costs for them.

It also intends to fall in line with Egypt’s direction, in which special attention is paid to the healthcare sector as it moves towards introducing a comprehensive public healthcare program for all Egyptians.

The initiative enables flexible instalment plans tailored to fit the size of the business and the financial capabilities of the medical practitioners. It offers several features including a tenor of up to 60 months, hassle-free documentation, and a choice of vendors from which to source the required asset.

It also allows for a comfortable customer journey that fosters a strong sense of partnership. Moreover, the initiative also offers the option of owning the asset at the conclusion of the instalment tenor.

With this initiative, Endorse focuses on the needs of young doctors who face financial barriers to owning and setting up their own practice. It is these doctors that this initiative was designed for in an effort to help them fulfil their ambitions and prosper.

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