Meteorological Authority expects 3 days of sandy winds, dense fog over Egypt

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Meteorological Authority expects 3 days of sandy winds, dense fog over Egypt

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) has announced that unstable weather conditions are expected across Egypt for a period of three days from Tuesday. The authority said that fog is expected in the morning, with moderate dusty winds across the country.

According to a statement on Monday evening, experts expect hot weather in Egypt’s northwest coast region, with cooler nights in Cairo, Delta, and the North Coast. The weather will tend to be cold on South Sinai, as well as North and South Upper Egypt on Tuesday night.

Meteorologists also expect a dense fog in the morning on some agricultural and highways close to water bodies leading to and from Cairo, as well as in Nile Delta, the North Coast, central Sinai, and northern Upper Egypt.

On Wednesday, the weather is expected to be warm over most regions, with warmer weather to occur in South Sinai and Upper Egypt. Cold weather is expected in most regions at night, with the southern part of Upper Egypt to experience very cold weather.

Active sandy winds are expected in Cairo, Delta, the eastern coast area, and northern Upper Egypt. Light rain is expected in some areas in northern Lower Egypt, and light to moderate rain in some areas of the western coasts accompanied by winds.

On Thursday, the warm wave is expected to break, withmoderate weather expected in Cairo and Delta, although South Sinai and Upper Egypt are expected to be hot during the day and cold at night.


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