Turkey COVID-19 cases hit 1,809,809 as Iran’s tally surpasses 1.1 million

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Turkey, the worst-hit country by the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Middle East, has registered over 1.8 million infections with continuous daily increase of around 30,000 cases. Meanwhile, Iran’s tally has surpassed 1.1 million.

The Turkish Health Ministry reported 29,136 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, including 5,203 symptomatic patients, as the total number of coronavirus cases in the country increased to 1,809,809.

The death toll from the virus in Turkey rose by 222 to 16,199, and the total recoveries hit 1,581,565. Iran’s Health Ministry reported 8,201 new COVID-19 cases, raising the total nationwide infections to 1,100,818.

The pandemic has so far claimed 51,949 lives in Iran, up by 221 in the past 24 hours, said Sima Sadat Lari, spokeswoman for the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education, during her daily briefing. Of the newly infected, 1,286 were hospitalized. A total of 800,743 people have recovered from the disease and been discharged from hospitals, while 5,739 remain in intensive care units, she noted.

The Iraqi Health Ministry reported 1,022 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the total nationwide infections to 573,622. It is the lowest daily increase in the country since mid-June, as the ministry recorded single-day cases between 2,000 and 5,000 during the period.
According to a statement issued by the ministry, the infection rate was 3 percent of the total tests in the day, after it once reached 24 percent in the past months. The ministry also reported 16 new deaths and 1,772 more recovered cases in the country, raising the death toll from the infectious virus to 12,565 and the total recoveries to 505,669.

In Morocco, the tally of COVID-19 cases rose to 397,597 with 3,033 new cases. The total recoveries reached 353,098 and the death toll hit 6,589 with 47 new deaths.

Saudi Arabia announced 166 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the total tally to 359,749. The recoveries rose to 350,347, while the death toll reached 6,036 with the registration of 13 more fatalities.

Israel’s Ministry of Health reported 1,983 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the total to 355,252.

The number of death cases rose to 2,979 with 10 new deaths, while the number of patients in serious condition increased from 322 to 331, out of 621 patients hospitalized. The number of recoveries reached 335,093, with 1,193 new ones, while the active cases stand at 17,180.

Jordan’s total cases soared to 257,275 with 1,816 new infections. The death toll in the country reached 3,335 with 49 new ones, while the total recoveries hit 213,344.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced 1,154 new cases, raising the total confirmed cases in the country to 183,755. The tally of recoveries in the UAE rose to 163,048, and the death toll reached 609 with two more fatalities.

Kuwait reported 255 new COVID-19 cases, raising the tally of infections to 146,044, while the death toll increased by one to 911. The Kuwaiti Health Ministry also announced the total recoveries rose to 141,825.

In Lebanon, the number of COVID-19 infections surged by 1,540 to 145,245, including 1,190 deaths and 98,584 recoveries.

In Qatar, 147 new infections were detected, increasing the total number to 140,827, including 240 deaths and 138,347 recoveries.

Palestine reported 1,845 new coronavirus cases, taking the tally of infections in the Palestinian territories to 123,002, including 1,062 deaths and 96,531 recoveries.

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