Egypt cancels tender to establish 200 MW solar power plant in west Nile

Mohamed Farag
2 Min Read

The Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) has cancelled its tender for establishing a solar photovoltaic power plant with a capacity of 200 MW in a west Nile area.

Informed sources told Daily News Egypt that the EETC has already informed the 13 companies, which had qualified to bid for the project, of its new decision.

The list of eligible companies included Orascom Construction, Infinity Energy, Acwa Power, Alcazar Energy, Lekela Power, Tebia, Masdar, First Solar, amongst others.

The EETC had previously contracted with India’s Synergy to undertake the consultancy work for the project.

According to the sources, the EETC has cancelled the tender because the country has achieved surplus electricity amid lower demand in the local market, along with other projects in progress.

However, the sources indicated that the EETC will not cancel the other 600 MW projects in west Nile area, which will be put up in cooperation with the International Finance Corporation.

The sources said that the list of potential projects will be reviewed in the coming period as some will be prioritised while others may be cancelled or postponed.

The Ministry of Electricity aims to produce 20% of its energy from renewable sources by 2022, and 42% by 2035.

The total installed capacity of the renewable energy sources is 5.5 GW, including 2.8 GW from hydroelectric plants, and about 2.7 GW from wind and solar plants, including 1.4 GW from Benban Solar Complex.

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