Video | Nile Dam Dispute: Myths and Facts Over GERD

Daily News Egypt
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Nile Dam row: Daily News Egypt debunks unreliable information circulating on media about Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) links to all sources below. The massive hydroelectric dam Ethiopia is building on the Nile River which meant to turn Addis Ababa into Africa’s biggest power exporter, has been the centre of dispute for almost a decade.

Egypt fears that the mega Nile dam, which is located near Ethiopia’s border with Sudan, would significantly diminish its water flow from the Nile, the main source of freshwater in the country. After almost 10 years of unsuccessful talks between Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan, over the GERD, no agreement has been reached yet.

On the course of GERD negotiations saga, unreliable information has been circulating on the media. Daily News Egypt debunks some myths and lists facts about the Ethiopian dam.

Egypt has expressed concerns regarding its possible impact on its 55bn cbm share of the River Nile’s water. However, Ethiopia insists that the dam will not negatively affect Egypt’s interests. 

Both Egypt and Sudan have other fears over the dam’s security and safety due to its location in an active geologic region, which puts it at a risk of earthquakes or mass floods.


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