PHD places hotel with 71 COVID-19 cases under Ministry of Health

Alyaa Stohy
2 Min Read

The Palm Hills Developments (PHD) has placed one of its Cairo hotel properties under Ministry of Health supervision following the quarantine there of 71 coronavirus cases.

The company will cover all expenses related to the patients’ stay, including medical teams and supporting staff, alongside those of the hotel’s employees and maintenance workers.

This comes in addition to EGP 5m in financial aid from the Ministry of Health to enhance the ministry’s precautionary measures and improve the operational efficiency of its central laboratories.

“Egypt is currently going through unprecedented times which require all Egyptians to be hand-in-hand with the nation seeking only one goal which is to overcome these exceptional moments, and support the state’s efforts in mitigating the impact of COVID-19,” said Yasseen Mansour, PHD Chairman & Group CEO, “As the health of Egyptians is a top priority, we have contacted Minister of Health Dr Hala Zayed to discuss and coordinate what can we provide”.

Mansour praised Government and Ministry of Health efforts in dealing with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

He added, “All the support we provide to Egypt is a small part of returning the favour to a country where we grew up, worked and witnessed our success. We are ready to meet the Ministry of Health’s future needs as part of our social responsibility in supporting the ministry’s pioneering role and the team of doctors and nursing and enable them to perform their national duty in safety and peace.”


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