Madbouly, Health Minister follow up on anti-Coronavirus measures

Daily News Egypt
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Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly discussed with Health Minister Hala Zayed on Wednesday the latest updates regarding the Coronavirus outbreak and followed up on the country’s preventive measures to combat the disease in Egypt.

During the meeting, Zayed briefed the prime minister on the procedures that are in place in touristic destinations such as Luxor, Aswan, and South Sinai, including preventing the departure of any tourist establishment staff for 14 days as of 16 March, as they all are subject to quarantine. 

The health ministry has received 27,000 rapid COVID-19 detectors, and additional 75,000 detectors are expected to arrive soon.

According to the latest figures announced by the Ministry of Health, the total number of infected cases with the pandemic in Egypt is 210, with six died, while 28 others have recovered, until the time of writing. 

Globally, 207,615 people have been infected, of whom 82,104 recovered, while 8,249 people died. 

Measures taken in touristic governorates include sterilisation of all touristic establishments as well as governmental and non-governmental facilities and halting internal tourism for 14 days. They also include ensuring the commitment of the touristic establishments to health procedures.

Zayed also mentioned the preventive measures taken in the most affected governorates; Daqahliya, Damietta, and Minya. These measures include self-isolation, intensified disinfection of all public facilities, markets and worship places, while doubling investigation and intensifying awareness campaigns.

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