Egypt’s electricity surplus exceeds 1,300MW on Monday

Daily News Egypt
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The Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency (EgyptERA) announced that the expected electricity consumption on Monday evening is 24,100MW, while the production is 25,400MW, meaning that the surplus exceeds 1,300MW.

According to EgyptERA’s daily bulletin, the average CO2 equivalent emissions is 477.74 grams per kW/h.

The government holds great hope in exploiting the surplus electricity production to construct desalination plants, attempting to bridge the water gap that the country may suffer in the future, and not waste the energy produced and benefit from it. It also hopes that the surplus may activate electrical interconnection projects with Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Cyprus, and Greece to export energy, as well as setting up units for charging electric cars, which are expected to spread in Egypt during the coming years.

Governmental sources revealed that they are holding discussions with three international consulting offices to exploit electricity in seawater desalination plants, in coordination with the ministries of electricity and housing, and opening the way for the private sector to invest in this field without burdening the state in what is known as a partnership with the private sector.

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