Egypt to launch its first communications satellite within days 

Daily News Egypt
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Egypt is set to launch its first-ever communications satellite, dubbed “Tiba1“, within days through the world’s leading satellite company, Arianespace, on an Ariane 5 rocket from Kourou Spaceport, in French Guiana, South America, Egypt’s cabinet said in a Tuesday statement. 

Arianespace finalised the testing process of Tibasatellite to ensure its readiness and filled its fuel tanks that will enable it to stay in service for 15 years, the statement added. 

Tiba1 will provide widespread internet services to individuals and companies in Egypt and also to some countries in North Africa and Nile Basin, the statement continued. 

“Tiba-1 was developed by Airbus for operation by the government of Egypt and Thales Alenia Space,” Arianespace said last month on its website, adding that the “the communications spacecraft will weigh approximately 5,640 kg, and was designed for a service life exceeding 15 years.”

The Egyptian government will be in charge of administrating and controlling the satellite after its launching to provide the communications services for the governmental institutions, the statement noted.  

The launching of Tiba1 will promote the state efforts of comprehensive development and is considered a great leap for Egypt in the field of communications and information technology, the cabinet noted.

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