Child law amendment to include new rights for children: MP

Daily News Egypt
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The finalisation of the Child Law amendments is expected during the parliament’s current session, announced Caroline Maher member of the parliamentary committee (MP) of Social Solidarity Committee.

According to Maher, the draft amendment aims to ensure better social conditions for all segments of society, noting that it provides children’s rights to housing, financial support, vocational rehabilitation, and participation in sports and cultural activities in youth centres.

In a meeting attended by representatives of the concerned ministries and the National Council for Motherhood and Childhood, they agreed that the law must improve the lives of young people without family support and upgrade the systems and services provided to them to reduce inequality and legal and social discrimination, Maher noted.

She added that the amendment will also develop a legislative framework that allows them to easily move from alternative care to independent life.

The draft includes deterrent penalties for those who deprive young people of their legal rights, in addition to ensuring equal opportunities for them in education and work with all their peers.

She concluded that the amendment will require establishing care centres for young people until the age of 23 to finish school, away from the younger age bracket, since 95% of young people leave these centres at the age of 18.

The law will also include penalties for child torture.

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