Rockets fired toward northern Israel, no casualties reported

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Israel said on Monday that an Iran-backed militia in Syria fired several rockets toward northern Israel in the early hours of Monday morning.

However, they were reported to have fallen short of the border, the Israeli army said.

According to the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), the attack was carried out by operatives of a Shiite militia operating under the command of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force.

The IDF said the rockets were fired from the suburbs outside Damascus.

The alleged attack came amid reports of a series of airstrikes against a pro-Iranian militia in eastern Syria, which killed 18 fighters, the Times of Israel reported.

In a statement, the IDF said it “holds the Syrian regime responsible for every action that takes place in Syria.”

In a tweet, the Israeli army’s Arabic-language spokesperson warned Syria’s Assad regime that it would “pay the price” for allowing Iran and its proxies to use Syria as a base of operations against the Jewish state, either by turning a blind eye to their actions or by actively cooperating with them.

“This is not hidden from us,” the spokesperson wrote.

In another context, the Israeli military kicked off an annual General Staff military exercise in the north on Sunday, simulating a multi-front war with Hezbollah, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The drill, dubbed ‘Keystone’ and lasting until Wednesday, will see the participation of troops and reservists training in order to “improve the capability of the General Staff for war,” said the IDF Spokesperson’s unit.

The Northern Command and the Home Front Command will coordinate and drill multi-arm scenarios in collaboration with the air force, navy, land, intelligence, and technology divisions, as well as the logistics division and the computer and IT directorate.

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