Parliament approves amendments to Judicial Authority Law

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The Egyptian Parliament approved the amendments made to the Judicial Authority Law by government on Sunday after they were sent to the state council for approval.

The amendments to the law grants President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi the right to select the head of each authority out of the three senior ones nominated by the respective general assemblies.

Previously, following the president’s ratification of the amendments, the judicial authorities said that they will respect it despite their objection to it.

Judicial bodies had vehemently expressed their rejection of the law, believing that the new amendments violate the independence of the judiciary. However, following the law’s approval, judicial authorities stated that they would respect the law despite their opposition.

The recent amendments require adjusting legislations regarding the judicial authorities, the performance of the state council, the Supreme Constitutional Court, the General Prosecution and Military Courts.

The amendments include the law regulating the Supreme Constitutional Court Law No 48 for 1979, the Administrative Prosecution Authority Law No 117 for 1958, the Military Prosecution Law No 25 for 1966, the Judicial Authority Law No 46 for 1972, and the State Council Law No 47 for 1972.

The council will be headed by the president of the republic and will include the president of the Supreme Constitutional Court, the president of the Court Of Cassation, the president of the council of state, the head of the state litigation authority, the president of the administrative prosecution authority, the president of the Cairo Court Of Appeal, and the General Prosecutor.

In the same session on Sunday, parliament also approved the president’s decision to increase pensions by 15% starting from July. The decision was taken by Al-Sisi this March.

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