Forasna signs cooperation protocol with Social Solidarity Ministry to provide job opportunities for youth

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Egypt-based BasharSoft, the owner of the recruitment platform Forasna, signed a cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Social Solidarity to participate in the “Opportunity Initiative” launched by the ministry to provide decent job opportunities for young individuals looking for job opportunities.

Amir Sharif, chief executive officer of BasharSoft, said that the new protocol aims to ease the burden on the Egyptian government through providing job opportunities in the private sector, fighting poverty and overcoming unemployment.

Forasna will update its database of job seekers as a first step, and then it assist them to reach companies. It also works on expanding its network of companies to increase employment opportunities, according to Sharif.

Based on this partnership, Forasna will link the registered database of the Takaful and Karama (Solidarity and Dignity) Programme, affiliated to the Ministry of Social Solidarity, with the job opportunities on its website, with an average of 30,000 jobs per month. In addition, the ministry’s partner companies can publicise recruiting announcements on Forasna.

Sharif added that Forasna created a division on its website allocated for the ministry and it brings together all job opportunities offered by the ministry’s partners, with the aim of helping job seekers to reach these companies.

As for job seekers who cannot register directly on the website, Forasna provides a hotline, 19916, and a full team of employment experts to register these youths’ data and apply for jobs which suits them.

Since it was established, over a million job seekers have been registered on the Forasna platform, with about 10,000 companies linked to the website. The platform has thus far helped over 70,000 job seekers find decent job opportunities and it aims to increase this number to 1 million people by 2020.

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