Al-Sisi reviews top health projects with Hala Al- Zayed

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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi followed up on Saturday during a meeting with the Minister of Health the latest developments in the medical survey of virus C and preparations for the implementation of a national comprehensive health insurance project in Port Said governorate.

Al-Sisi continued reviewing the initiative of a medical scan to detect the virus (HCV) among citizens that will provide treatment for those suffering from this disease, which aims to detect about 50 million people.

He noted that it would be the largest medical survey in the world, which also detects non-communicable diseases such as stress, diabetes and obesity, as it will contribute to the early detection of these diseases and prevent their spread and treatment of infection in a timely manner.

Al-Sisi also ordered a prompt elimination of waiting lists for patients with surgery and critical medical interventions starting with new patients while continuing implementation of that system for the next three years to prevent the emergence of new lists.

He also reviewed the implementation of the project of collecting and manufacturing blood products, as well as the government’s efforts in providing milk to children, and the executive procedures to providing the shortcomings of medicines and the development of pharmaceutical companies.

Al-Sisi called for increased production of locally produced milk to avoid any shortages from markets and to have availability from pharmacies of the Holding Company, as well as other pharmacies, and the current subsidised milk production.

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