Go Green completed planting 6.3m Jojoba trees in Al Mughra

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The chairperson of Go Green, a company for agriculture investments that is specialised in the production of jojoba oil, Hossam Abd El Kader, announced on Tuesday the completion of planting 6.3 million trees of jojoba in the area of Al Mughra on an area of 12,000 feddans within the project of 1.5m feddans that is called the Jojoba city project.

Last April, Go Green signed contracts of rationing with the Egyptian government for an area of 21,000 feddans, which is the first area that was cultivated within the project of 1.5m feddans, with a total cost of about EGP 460m.

Abd El Kader explained that the project of “Jojoba City” in Egypt is the largest agricultural project for this rare plant in the Middle East, with a production volume of up to 8m tonnes of oil annually.

“This project will make Egypt a regional and global centre for the production of jojoba oil, during the next two years,” Abd El Kader asserted.

He continued that Egypt has a comparative advantage over most countries in the world, which could prepare it to be the leading producer of jojoba oil in the world.

Abd El Kader explained this comparative advantage in that the cultivation of these plants need from 5 to 50 degrees Celsius, and this climate does not exist in Europe, which has a temperature of less than 5 degrees Celsius, as well as in most countries of Africa and the Gulf, which exceeds 50 degrees Celsius.

He asserted that that the company seeks to rely on the full production of jojoba oil to cover the needs of the domestic market and export it to the world market to bring in hard currency.

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