Four years of stability, development at Electricity Ministry: Shaker

Mohamed Farag
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Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker managed to achieve a boom in the electricity sector over the past four years when he took office at a time when the ministry was suffering from deterioration and negligence, such as the frequent power outages and poor services provided to citizens. 

Shaker signed many agreements in the sector and managed to contract with Siemens to establish three electricity production plants in Beni Suef, Borollos, and the New Administrative Capital, providing half the total capacities of the electricity grid, nearly 14,400 MW .

Shaker did not overlook transport and distribution projects and managed to agree with local banks to obtain the largest loan in the history of the electricity sector, worth EGP 37bn, in order to support and develop the distribution and transport grids of electricity across the country.

Shaker’s contributions to completing legislation and laws regulating the sector are real and cannot be ignored. Most prominent among those is the new electricity law that allows the private sector to produce, distribute, and sell energy directly to consumers, in addition to the solar energy feed-in tariff programme, which managed to bring about 136 Arab and international companies to invest in the energy sector.

The strategy to diversify the sources of energy production is one of the most prominent plans that Shaker seeks to implement, especially since the Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant has entered the implementation phase. Negotiations are taking place with a Chinese company to launch a plant to pump and store water for energy production.

There are also negotiations with a group of alliances to establish the first plant powered by clean coal in Hamrawein. Additionally, there are contracts with private companies to establish electricity production plants from solar and wind energy through various contractual systems.

One of the most prominent challenges that Shaker will be facing over the upcoming period is the utilisation of the surplus of the produced energy, whether through exporting it to Arab and foreign countries or using it to establish sea water desalination plants and improve the quality of the electricity feed-in tariff programme for all subscribers.

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