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Poland to close its trade promotion office in Egypt

The Polish government decided to liquidate its trade and investment promotion section at its embassy in Cairo starting from 1 February 2018, said head of the office Tomasz Przygoda. “30 April is the last working day in Egypt then the office will be closed,” added Przygoda noting, that the liquidation decision includes many other Polish …

Hagar Omran

EPROM receives two offers to operate, maintain projects in Iraq, Kuwait

Egyptian Projects Operation and Maintenance (EPROM) received two offers to operate natural gas production and processing at Ciba field in Iraq, as well as the operation and maintenance of industrial water treatment units at Al-Zour field in Kuwait. EPROM Chairperson and CEO Amgad El-Ahmady said that the company has signed memoranda of understanding and technical …

Mohamed Farag

Kabil participates in 10th UFM trade ministers meeting 

Minister of Trade and Industry Tarek Kabil announced in a press statement on Sunday that he will participate, after an eight-year Egyptian hiatus, in the 10th meeting of trade ministers of the Union for the Mediterranean (UFM) countries, which is being held in Brussels on Monday. The meeting aims to follow up and activate cooperation …

Daily News Egypt

Moody’s AFP

Moody’s ranks Egypt’s 1st movable collateral registry as credit positive for banks

Moody’s Investors Service announced on Sunday that Egypt’s first movable collateral registry, which was launched by the Financial Regulatory Authority last Sunday, is credit positive for Egyptian banks. The newly launched collateral registry will inform banks’ credit decisions and improve their ability to secure movable collateral, such as a borrowers’ machinery, inventory, patents, and crops, …

Mohamed Samir

Denisovan humans contributed to East Asian ancestry, interbred with modern humans

A new paper reveals that modern humans co-existed and interbred with archaic human Denisovans, not only with Neanderthals—another type of extinct human species—at least twice between 200,000 and 50,000 years ago. Researchers at the University of Washington unexpectedly discovered two distinct episodes of Denisovan genetic intermixing with modern humans, while testing a new DNA method …

Mohammed El-Said

0.5% increase in government vehicles in 2016/2017: CAPMAS

The number of vehicles owned by governmental companies and public transport authorities reached 8,900 vehicles in 2016/2017, including 2,800 air-conditioned vehicles and 6,100 ordinary buses, compared to 8,800 vehicles in 2015/2016, marking an increase of 0.5%, according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS). On Sunday, the CAPMAS issued its annual bulletin …

Daily News Egypt

Comares: A historical investigation into the Fall of Andalusia

After the notable success his first two books, A Jar of Nutella and Europe in Embaba Local Time, achieved over the last years, writer Mahmoud Zaki has recently released his third book, Comares, which attracted attention during the Cairo International Book Fair that was held between 27 January and 10 February this year. Coincidence played …

Rana Khaled

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