Parliament officially approves law regulating drone usage

Sarah El-Sheikh
1 Min Read

Parliament officially approved, in a plenary session on Monday, a bill drafted by the government to regulate the usage, circulation, and trafficking of drones.

The bill defined usage of the motorised aircraft and determined the Ministry of Defence as the concerned authority.

In Article 2, the law warned administrative institutions affiliated with the state, ministries, general unions, companies, public bodies, the private sector, and citizens to not import, manufacture, gather, trade, posses, or use of drones without the permission of the concerned authority.

The law further stipulates that whoever does not comply with those rules will be exposed to punishment, including imprisonment of no less than a year and not exceeding seven years, or a fine between EGP 5,000-50,000, or both penalties.

Moreover, according to Article 3, the punishment could be toughened to execution in the case of any entity or person using, possessing, or trading drones for terrorism.

That article also said that the court shall confiscate the machines and tools used in the crime for the benefit of the armed forces.

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