The unseen sides of Egypt

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Photography has always been a form of stating reality. It’s the window through which people can look into the lives of others and the portrait that displays their daily life events.

While media portals are filled with pictures taken by famous photographers, many unknown talents use tools as simple as their mobile cameras to develop their passion for photography. Those, who haven’t found any platform on which to publish their photos, seek to establish their own outlet by publishing these pictures on their social media accounts.

In an attempt to support young talents seeking a platform, Daily News Egypt publishes pictures taken by citizens displaying their daily activities.

These pictures are the 10 best pictures from November posted on Instagram with the hashtag #DailyNewsEgypt. Each one of them reflects a unique side of Egypt—not mentioned in international media outlets—but that can be seen by the people actually living in the country.

Every month, the 10 best pictures with the hashtag #DailyNewsEgypt, will be reposted on the newspaper’s official account and published in the printed edition.

Daily News Egypt’s editorial team found that the published pictures present extremely talented young photographers. Moreover, they capture moments of pure beauty people rarely stop to enjoy amid the hurry of their daily routine.


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