No security warnings issued to German nationals in Egypt for 11/11: German ambassador to Egypt

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No security warnings are to be issued from Germany to its nationals in Egypt ahead of potential protests on 11 November, said the German ambassador to Egypt, Julius Georg Luy, in a statement to the media during a press conference held Wednesday morning at the headquarters of the Germany Embassy in Cairo.

The press conference discussed the common economic and political interests between Egypt and German and ways to enhance them. The ambassador also discussed the expected visit of German chancellor Angela Merkel to Egypt.

Over the course of the past two months, several notifications have circulated across social media outlets detailing an upcoming “revolution of the poor” on 11 November. These declarations have stirred controversy over the identity of their initiator, with several people arrested for calling for protests.

“The German Embassy is preparing for the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Egypt, but as now there is no definite time arranged for the visit due to the internal political scene in Germany and the approaching date the federal elections,” the ambassador noted.

Regarding the latest economic measures taken in Egypt, the German ambassador said these have value, adding that the International Monetary Fund has also praised these proceedings He also remarked that German companies had recently invested in projects that benefit both countries, such providing €1.6bn for renewable energy projects.

On a different note, the ambassador asserted that the German government is rejecting any form of violence that is being practiced to achieve political purposes; he further explained that the European Parliament has diverse political orientations, so it has the freedom to converse the Muslim Brotherhood or Salafi currents. This remark is most likely in reference to Egypt’s designation of the Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation while other major powers have not done so.

“We reject any form of violence to achieve political purposes and not just from the Brotherhood,” Luy said.

On the security cooperation between both countries, Luy said his country is supporting stability in Egypt in several ways, such as through the signing of security agreements between the two countries for the exchange of information.

Recently, the German ambassador told Daily News Egypt in an interview that his country is supporting Egypt’s fight against terrorism and seeks to promote military cooperation through several projects concerning the education of military personnel.

“Germany offers members of the Egyptian military the opportunity to study medicine or pharmacy in one of the same universities used by our German armed forces, and the opportunity to participate in various training courses. There is also intense dialogue and regular exchange between our militaries on security policy,” he added.


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