Tahya Misr to reveal results of its work, future plans in September

Hossam Mounir
2 Min Read

Tahya Misr Fund will reveal the results of its work in September, in addition to its future plans at a celebration hosted by the fund in cooperation with several organisations, institutions, and companies, along with business people who have contributed to supporting the fund’s activities since its launch in July 2014.

Executive director Mohamed Ashmawy said that the fund seeks to establish strong companies with economic and financial institutions in order to create regular cash flows that can eventually support the achievement of sustainable development in all fields, including healthcare, housing, and education for lower-income citizens.

The fund looks forward to the government’s cooperation with the private sector to support its developmental, healthcare, and entrepreneurship programmes in the state, and enhance the quality of the services offered to Egyptian society across all fields.

“It was decided that during the celebration, the fund will reveal its plans to determine the priorities for societal development. The next step is to coordinate with the concerned authorities in a way that increases effectiveness and unifies financial resources. This will eventually leave a positive impact on the lives of individuals, as well as on society. The fund will help the country face crises and emergencies, develop ashwa’yat, build suitable housing, and adopt health initiatives for Hepatitis C patients, in addition to other problems,” Ashmawy said.

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