Islamophobia Observatory warns against radical right-wing in Germany

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Dar Al-Ifta’s Islamophobia Observatory warned on Tuesday against the radical far right-wing in Germany using terrorist attacks in Europe to promote anti-Islam and anti-immigrant campaigns in order to achieve gains in the political sphere.

In a report, the observatory said that of the four recent attacks in Germany, only one was proved to be executed by the Islamic State and none of the others were proved to have been triggered by any religious motives.

The observatory stated that the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) movement and the Alternative for Germany right-wing political party will take full advantage of these incidents to increase hate speech against Muslims.

The report also added that most of the victims of these attacks were Muslims, stressing that the right-wing immediately attributed these incidents to political and religious motives to justify their intensified campaigns against Muslims and to increase the parties’ popularity among Germans.

In a previous report, the observatory said that about 60% of German residents approve of hate speech against Muslims and support political movements that promote the idea of “no place for Islam in Germany”. It also said that as an initial step, the party wants to ban mosques in Germany.

In December 2015, Dar Al-Ifta announced the establishment of the Islamophobia Observatory, which is responsible for identifying the phenomenon and how to manage it.

Terrorist attacks have significantly increased over the past few weeks across Germany causing the right-wing parties to attack Muslims in the country.

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