Koum Hamada worker faces terrorism charge following strike

Adham Youssef
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The workers said they started the strike on Sunday Workers handout

A worker in the Koum Hamada factory named Mohamed Fawzy is facing charges of terrorism and blocking the high road of Beheira, while his colleagues accuse management of “punishing” him after a semi successful strike last June.

The case includes another 25 alleged members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Fawzy is also accused of joining an illegal group.

The workers accused the head of the general syndicate for the workers in Koum Hamada company Mohamed Bashir and the management of “fabricating” the charge against Fawzy, who is one of the labour leaders in the factory. They added that he was on shift during the protests which he is accused of participating in last May.

However, Bashir denied the accusations, adding that he has been handling the negotiations between the workers and the management.

The workers are expected to continue the talks with the management after the Eid Al-Fitr holiday.

Around 8,000 workers have staged an open-ended strike since last June, demanding the removal of the company’s CEO Youssry Nasr, after he decided to suspend 17 workers.

At the time, the workers told Daily News Egypt that they decided to call off the strike after economic demands were partially fulfilled, adding that the “strike card can be played again if the demands are not granted”.


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