Meditation: an affordable, easy way to reduce stress

Rana Ashraf
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Meditation can be very beneficial for your mind, body, and soul, and it is easy to do and practice anytime and anywhere. Meditation is a well known practice that has been used by different civilisations for thousands of years.

Although the practice might be the same, reasons for meditating may differ today from why it used to happen hundreds of years ago. People used to meditate in order to understand the universe and the mystical forces behind it. Nowadays, people meditate to relax, release stress, and sometimes sharpen their focus.

The practice itself can take place anywhere: at home, in your workplace, at a doctor’s waiting room, or even in a cab on a high traffic day.

With the quick pace of today’s life, even teenagers are highly stressed, pressured, and need to relax. All you need to do is simply focus your attention and eliminate all that clutter you have in your head and that is, subconsciously, causing all this stress.

Not a big deal

Although some people may argue that meditation has rules and there is a right way to do it so that you reach the best results, it is best to do it the way that makes you feel relaxed. You are your own judge. Do not complicate things. You can meditate easily by closing your eyes in the middle of a busy day in a quiet place and by playing some music that can take you somewhere else. All of these practices can take you back to reality as a fresh, new self and ready to continue the day.

For you to know and choose what suits you, there are several ways to meditate and relax. Those include:

Mindfulness meditation: In this type of meditation you just focus on the present moment without thinking about anything that has to do with your past that you can never change or your future that has not come yet. You become aware of your physical state from breathing pattern, to posture, to even monitoring your emotions and thoughts but without judgment, you just let them go.

Mantra meditation: This is a type of meditation in which you silently repeat a certain calming word or think about a calming thought, concept, or idea. This technique can help you focus your thoughts from any negative distractions.

Guided meditation: in the guided meditation, you use the aid of something or someone to guide you through your relaxation process. You visualise a relaxing place, situation, image, or thought. In this method you try to engage as many senses as you can to reach maximum relaxation.

Yoga: This involves doing a series of poses and postures that require more focus on your body than your stress, urging you to relax and find balance.

Meditation is not a onetime practice that keeps its charm for a lifetime; you actually need to meditate almost every day. You do not do it only for relaxation; there are other benefits for meditation. It helps you become more focused and aware, improves breathing, and makes you a calmer and more balanced person, which will be very beneficial.

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