125 forced disappearances in October, November: Report

Salma Abdallah
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Student groups say that security forces forcibly “kidnap” students and claim that police in plainclothes fight along security forces during clashes with students. Forced disappearances have seen a general rise over the past two years. (Photo by Gehad Abaza)

There have been 125 cases of forced disappearances cases across Egypt in October and November, according to a report issued by the Stop Forced Disappearances campaign.

The report, issued on Wednesday, stated that 79 individuals have been located, while the whereabouts of the remaining 64 cases remain unknown. The forced disappearance cases included 11 children, nine seniors, 15 men and 34 youths, according to the report.

Students constituted the highest number, with 42% of the total number of cases.

The campaign declared that 33% of the individuals who have already been located appeared one week after their disappearance, while 5% appeared during the second week, and 6% were located after one month. Most of the cases appeared in police stations and prosecution offices.

Under the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms, the Stop Forced Disappearances campaign was launched on 30 August, which marks the International Day for the Victims of Enforced Disappearances.

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