Egyptian shot in Jordan

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By Sarah El-Sheikh

The Prosecutor of the Jordanian Criminal Court decided to detain a suspect in the murder of an Egyptian national in Jordan for 15 days pending investigations, according to the Egyptian embassy in Amman.

Nasr Adel, an Egyptian national working Jordan, was found murdered by the Jordanian security forces last week with a gun-shot to his head.

The foreign minister’s assistant confirmed that the foreign ministry is following up closely with the Jordanian authorities on the progress of the investigation .

Also last week, two young Egyptians were stabbed during a dispute between them and five Jordanians in Irbid.

It was reported that the first victim, Ayman Zahj Hamdy, was seriously injured after being stabbed in the neck, while the second, Sawris Kotb Sawris, sustained minor injuries.

Egyptian workers protested in front of the Egyptian embassy in Amman against the embassy’s weak performance in protecting and maintaining their rights in the country.

The workers expressed anger for not witnessing any updates or the sentencing of suspects in the murder of their Egyptian colleagues.

They further called on the Egyptian embassy to give more attention to their affairs and to form committees that would be in constant contact with them.

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