Cecelia Ahern and her fellow bestselling romance novelists

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Love, romance and a dash of heartache have made their stories extremely popular. As Cecelia Ahern publishes her 12th novel, “The Marble Collector,” here are a few more successful writers of the genre.
Clouds, stars, cursive letters and pastel colors often adorn Cecelia Ahern’s books. Between the covers, her heroines deal with blows of fate, search for their identity and, ultimately, for Mr. Right.

“The Marble Collector,” the latest novel by the Irish romance novelist, tells a father-daughter story. After her dad’s death, Sabrina starts discovering unexpected secrets about him. Her whole life changes when she starts looking for the missing marbles in his collection.

It is the first time Ahern tells a family story which spans over several decades. It does not follow the lines of a typical romance, but it nevertheless fits in the author’s patterns.

Her novel “PS, I Love You,” written at age 22, made her an instant bestselling star. Hilary Swank plays the lead role in the film version of the book. The now 34-year-old novelist has sold over 22 million books worldwide, according to her publisher HarperCollins.

Born in Dublin, she is the daughter of the former Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern. Along with plays and scripts, she has also written the concept for the TV series “Samantha Who?” starring Christina Applegate.

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