Terrorism in Egypt decreased by 65%: Interior Ministry

Aya Nader
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Terrorist attacks in Egypt have declined to 65% less “than before”, announced Interior Ministry Spokesperson Hany Abdel Latif.

However, the war against terror has not ended yet, a Wednesday statement said.

The statement comes the same day that a top-ranking policeman at Al-Arish Police Station in North Sinai was injured after he was shot by a sniper.

Six military personnel were killed and two others were injured in a car bomb in the North Sinai town of Sheikh Zuweid, Sunday morning. The North Sinai-based militant group, “State of Sinai”, claimed responsibility for the attack.

Later on Sunday, a car bomb exploded at a military checkpoint in Al-Arish, killing five policemen. A North Sinai resident told Daily News Egypt that the explosion left at least 20 civilians injured, while six other civilians were left dead. Several residential homes were also destroyed in the attack.

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