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Brotherhood to remain peaceful, denies statements by unknown individuals

Group asserts commitment to “overthrowing junta”

The Muslim Brotherhood said in a Wednesday statement that it shall remain peaceful, and its official position should not be judged or understood by statements by other individuals or groups.

The Brotherhood, which is now considered a terrorist group by the Egyptian state, reiterated that its positions and demands are expressed only in the group’s official statements.

The statement said the entire group’s publications, including placards, slogans and chants “are concerned with and only call for the overthrow of Egypt’s military junta”.

The group is also concerned with the “restoration of constitutional legitimacy, release of all political detainees, denouncing crimes against prisoners”.

The statement added that the group remains committed to the slogan of its jailed Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie: “Our peacefulness is stronger than their bullets”.

The Muslim Brotherhood was not available for comment until the time of publishing, to elaborate on the context of this statement.


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  • Hate MB

    Fuck you MB!! You could’ve done something good, but instead you tried to create a new extremist dictatorship, And exclude our Christian brothers and sisters! Your time is over and will never return, 95% of Egypt is against you !!!

  • Al Masry

    For Egypt to succeed, we must allow honest exposure to what is been done not said or promised. Antiquate rules are invalid anymore as you witness it around us. Rules made by people hundreds years a go are simply invalid and dangerous to apply now. I strongly believe in Islamic Values only. Rules made by people are always disputable.l Allah Akber and Tahya Misr.

  • Al Masry

    As a Muslim, I do not believe in BH Qotb interpretation of Quran or other sects like Wahabi, She-i, Salafi, Ahmadi, Naqshabandi, … and other hundreds or thousands of Tariqa (ways) to reach Alah. All of these are made by people

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