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Morabba3 wants to deliver the right music every time

Morabba3 puts the emphasis on communication between the composer and the client.

Morabba3 has produced a jingle for Etisalat and has worked on the musical score of a short movie called Persona (Photo from Morabba3)
Morabba3 has produced a jingle for Etisalat and has worked on the musical score of a short movie called Persona
(Photo from Morabba3)

We love new ideas and Morabba3 is as good as it comes. They want to take music composition to a new level of specialisation and offer customised compositions for all your needs. Having just opened, traffic is slow but they have already worked with clients as diverse as multinational company Etisalat and emerging filmmakers.

Ziad Abdel Fatah, founder of Morabba3, said he taught himself production to start the project: “I compose and play music in different bands. After composing, I taught myself production and I composed for ads. I collaborated with a friend who also does the same thing so we started making ads.”

“The first two ads we did were radio jingles for Etisalat. As a composer, I didn’t want to market myself by name and work on an individual basis. I wanted to create something more professional that went beyond this level and emphasised communication between the client and the composer,” said Abdel Fatah.

Despite Morabba3’s breakout in compositions for advertising music, Abdel Fatah says they want to move into film music in the future.

“We have collaborated with filmmaker Mohamed Gaafar on his short film ‘Persona’ and are collaborating with him again on a new project.  We think there is a problem with how film music can sometimes be rushed and that it is done on an individual basis by a composer. What we offer is a specialised agency that will strive to produce something tailor-made for our clients.”

Morabba3 says it tries to “understand the essence of your film as deeply as we can and deliver the right music for it.” Using this approach, they also provide their services for radio, documentary films, jingles, and music for mobile video games and applications.

Using their own recording studio, Morabba3 offers sound design as well, so filmmakers can mix diegetic and non-diegetic sounds into their film later, if they were unable to record it while filming.

Morabba3 says they have a “network of musicians with different styles and philosophies to match the best artists and ideas to produce creative material”. In the same context, Abdel Fatah said, “We are open to more composers joining us when there is enough demand. The more composers we have, the more likely we are able to tailor something to a client’s satisfaction.”

Whether Morabba3 becomes a business model to follow will depend on how much demand there is for its services this year — but there is no doubt that their work will generate interest and keep us coming back to check.

Advertising Area

Advertising Area

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