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Clashes during Friday protests

Security forces fired tear gas to disperse clashes between demonstrators and local residents

Pro-Mohamed Morsi protestors marching in Giza on Friday. DNE/Ahmed Al-Malky
Pro-Mohamed Morsi protestors marching in Giza on Friday. DNE/Ahmed Al-Malky

Pro-Mohamed Morsi demonstrators in Alexandria, Giza and Suez clashed with local residents and security forces during marches on Friday.

Marchers clashed with local residents in the Omraniya neighbourhood of Giza, in Suez, and the Sidi Bishr neighbourhood in Alexandria, according to state owned Al-Ahram.

Security forces In Sidi Bishr fired tear gas to prevent the demonstrators and local residents from fighting each other.

State television reported that security forces in Suez tightened security around state owned property. Security also fired tear gas to disperse the protestors.

Pro-Morsi demonstrators also marched to the Supreme Constitutional Court in Cairo.

The Anti-Coup Alliance called for Friday protests under the banner of “Suez Persistence Path to Jerusalem”, which is billed to be the start of the “Week of Persistence.” The Alliance could not be reached for further comment on Friday’s marches.

Security forces were deployed around the capital on Friday morning to close some of the major squares including Tahrir, Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Al-Nahda Squares.

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  • Intellectualist

    The pro military faction must love all this support you’re giving them. How many voters does this violence produce? Every neighborhood that this roadshow visits is a solid pro military/anti morsi voting bloc. Does it accomplish anything at all for the side promoting it? Is the Tea party more popular for shuttering the US government? Your universities should be ashamed at their failure to properly educate.

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