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Most Egyptians oppose Muslim Brotherhood: poll

69% of Egyptians do not approve of the Muslim Brotherhood, a recent poll finds

Photo Courtesy of Baseera
Photo Courtesy of Baseera

Most Egyptians are opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood, according to a recent poll.

The Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research Baseera conducted a survey of opinion regarding Egyptians’ assessment of the Muslim Brotherhood and the extent of acceptance for their continuation in the Egyptian political scene following the June 30th Revolution and ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi, and in the wake of the dispersals of the sit-ins at Raba’a el Adawiya and Nahda Squares and what followed in terms of large scale violence.

Also solicited was the extent of Egyptians’ acceptance of the Freedom and Justice party (FJP) — the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood — in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Results revealed that 63% of Egyptians do not approve of the FJP’s participation, while 26% do and 12% replied that they could not decide.

Regarding the extent of Egyptians’ satisfaction with the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule compared to expectations they had at the start of their tenure, 78% of respondents replied that the Brotherhood’s rule was worse than they had expected, while 3% felt it had been better than they expected, 12% that it had been as they expected (whether good or bad) and 7% replied that they couldn’t decide.

Regarding the wide-scale violence that came with, and then followed the dispersal of the Pro-Morsi Raba’a and Nahda sit-ins, the survey results indicated that 57% of Egyptians place all the blame for those events on the Muslim Brotherhood, while 29% replied that the Brotherhood was partially responsible, 5% that the Brotherhood is not responsible for any of the violence that occurred, and 6% that they did not who to assign responsibility to for those events.

Survey Methodology

This poll was conducted using both land and cellular lines, and a potential sample of 1395 citizens aged 18 or above. It covered all of the nation’s governorates, and all interviews were conducted on the 19-21 August 2013. The response rate was approximately 73% and the margin of error in the results measured less than 3%.

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  • comp lui

    MB got 45% seats in parliament, 58% in Shura council , 52% in presidential election, 62% in referendum for constitution, and now state media is telling me that MB is not liked by people. Yeh sure

  • Thomas Yeats

    oh so . go to a free election and see the real POLL

  • Andean Gem

    Ummm the following (who ever posts with ID that has a black hand and (yellow for coward background) is a Muslim Brother) was due to bribes, cheating and threatening illiterate people which depending which source you believe is from 49 to 69% of the population in Egypt. Guess what, they may not know how to read and write but you (MBH) woke them up with your sick beliefs and they STOPPED YOU AND YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO LIFT YOUR HEADS AGAIN! Your terrorists and murderers!

  • Andean Gem

    Oh, and how about the murdering and burning of Christians by the Muslim brotherhood? HOW THE HELL DO YOU JUSTIFY THAT YOU MORONS! Your just common evil criminals that want power, your not going to get it. Your short time is OVER! You will not force Egypt to do as you wish EVER! 🙂

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  • Samantha Criscione

    This article understates the degree to which Egyptians have rejected the Brotherhood. The poll did NOT measure the percentage who approved/disapproved of the Muslim Brotherhood. It measured the percentage who wanted/did not want it to continue to exist. So: 69% want the Muslim Brotherhood to be destroyed. Only 13% want it to be permitted to exist, unconditionally. 6% say it should be allowed to exist, pending certain conditions. And 12% aren’t sure if it should be allowed to exist. Keep in mind that among the 13% who say it should be allowed to exist without limitations, some or many — perhaps even most — may not actually approve of the Brotherhood. And an overwhelming majority — more than 2/3 — want it destroyed. Regarding the claim, made in one of the comments, that the Brotherhood got its constitution passed by a 2/3 margin: in fact, 70% of eligible voters did not vote. The opposition had called for boycotting the vote, then changed to voting NO at the last minute. So some opponents voted no, and most abstained. To impose a new constitution based on a 2/3 victory in an election in which 70% do not vote is ridiculous. This apart from the charge, raised by opponents and human rights groups, that the Brotherhood engaged in monumental fraud in the constitutional referendum, which the judges’ organizations refused to oversee. — Samantha Criscione tenc.net

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