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State of emergency and curfew imposed

President authorises armed forces to assist police in maintaining security

Interim president Adly Mansour imposes curfew and declares state of emergency
Interim president Adly Mansour imposes curfew and declares state of emergency

Interim president Adly Mansour declared a state of emergency on Wednesday and imposed a curfew from 7pm to 6am, to last for one month.

The declaration followed nationwide violence following the violent dispersal of sit-ins in support of ousted president Mohamed Morsi.

A presidential statement said the decision was taken in light of “the endangered security and order throughout the nation.”

The presidency accused “extremist elements, groups and organisations” of deliberately sabotaging and attacking public and private property and killing citizens.

Mansour also authorised the armed forces to assist the police in taking all necessary measures to maintain security and order and to protect citizens and property.

According to law 162/1958, a state of emergency gives the police jurisdiction to issue administrative arrest warrants for those who “pose as a threat to general security” and to make arrests without warrants.

The law also imposes restrictions on freedom of assembly, movement and residence; and allows for exceptional trials of civilians and censorship of all media outlets.

The Al-Nahda Square sit-in in Giza was forcibly dispersed early Wednesday; protesters then moved to Mostafa Mahmoud Square in Mohandessin and set-up a new sit-in amid clashes with Central Security Forces.


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  • Micah Shapiro

    Huh? Killing citizens? The only people killing citizens of any noticeable scale are the military forces.

  • Mahmud Abdullah

    The previous emergency in Egypt remained in effect for 30 years, from 1967 to 2012; thousands of Egyptians were kept in detention under that law, tens of thousands of politicians were confined behind bar in that period. Mr Adly Mansour, who pretends to be Egypt’s president, today has declared an emergency in Egypt that will last one month, he says; but experiences suggest that the emergency will be renewed, renewed and further renewed; and harassment, abuse, torture, persecution, detaining and killing of pro-democracy and anti-coup and anti-military-rule activists will go on in increasing rate. It is not hard to apprehend that the current de facto military rule in the guise of so called interim govt. rule will continue for sine die. And aspiration of Egyptians for democracy and democratic and civilian rule will be remaining as a far cry and as a distant dream.

  • Ray Backly

    Muslim Brotherhood announced initially, that they will never go into politics or run for presidency in Egypt, but they always lie. So now they should stay in Mosques – out in the government buildings.
    Religion must be separate from Politics!!!
    Second, why Syria, effectively protected by Russia, China, Iran can fight against the similar terrorists, but why Egypt cannot protect itself from the same kind of terrorists???

  • Sammyb

    Abdullah, yes, the Brotherhood criminals were kept in detention and behind bars for their criminal activities.Like it or not, Mr. Mansour is the interim president of Egypt until such time a new president is elected. are you ignoring the fact those very people who were in detention are criminals? the Islamists and the Brotherhood are a criminal organization, how about the continuous killing of the Coptic people, does that ever bother you?

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