Latest in Day: April 15, 2013 Highlight

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Latest in Day: April 15, 2013

Bad for business

A few days ago I told a Tunisian friend who just arrived some stories about the Egyptian political scene. She listened to me intently while suppressing her laughter, and after I was finished her only comment was: “Cheap Drama..You guys are living in a cheap drama.” I have found her comment not only a fantastic …

Mahmoud Salem

Review: Op-Eds debate Mubarak’s court session

After ousted President Mubarak appeared smiling and waving behind the bars, more than one writer has explored the court rulings and the possibility of a counter-revolution. Several commentators believe that those supportive of the 25 January revolution were busy with minor cases and were not concerned with the death of protesters. Mubarak has ended and …

Ethar Shalaby