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Clinton fears Sinai will be a terrorist base

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is worried for the safety of Americans, Egyptians and Israelis should Sinai become a terrorist base

Clinton fears Sinai will be a terrorist haven (AFP)

In an interview with CNN, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said there was “the potential of jihadists and terrorists taking up an operational base in Sinai.”

She spoke to CNN almost immediately after meeting with Israeli officials on Tuesday in a trip that was her first to Israel in almost two years. Clinton added that the situation in Sinai should be a concern for Americans, Israelis, and Egyptians.

Activist from the 6 April (Ahmed Maher), Abdel Rahman El-Masry based in North Sinai, did not share Clinton’s same concerns, “there are good security measures and a lot of cooperation between the security forces,” he said.

The security situation in Sinai is tense. Many young men in Sinai are sentenced to harsh sentences in absentia including death sentences. El-Masry confirmed that there was tension between the police and the people of Sinai and that these sentences were harsh, yet he said this was before the 2011 uprising. “Nowadays, this has become very rare and they engage in negotiations now to solve the tensions,” El-Masry said.

El-Masry explained that the crackdown on the people of Sinai before the 2011 uprising was led by State Security who created agitation between the people and the police, “sometimes even tortured people,” he said.

One Egyptian and two Americans were taken hostage by Jirmy Abu-Masuh last Friday and were released on Monday following negotiations which Major General Ahmed Bakr, Director of Security in Sinai, who told the Daily News Egypt negotiations were taking place between Abu-Masuh and heads of tribes to release the hostages.

Beside the internal security situation in Sinai, the Sinai Peninsula’s security impacts other countries in the region. “Arms smuggling from Sinai of weapons going to Libya and Gaza does take place, but you will also read that they get arrested,” said El-Masry.

Two rockets were fired from Sinai last month, near Uvda and Mitzpe Ramon in Israel, no one was hurt. Following the incident, the Israeli military recently deployed a battery of rocket interceptors called the “Iron Dome” missile defense system on the Egyptian- Israeli border. Earlier this month, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the speeding up of the building of the border fence currently being built along the Egyptian-Israeli bordes in order to prevent illegal access to Israel. Many African migrants who live in Israel have entered illegally by crossing the Egyptian-Israeli border.

Israel, which is concerned about the threat immigrants pose to its identity, has started deporting immigrants and is building a detention centre in the desert for others. Clinton’s trip to Israel which directly followed her trip to Egypt was the last stop of a long world tour. In Israel, it was believed that Clinton was there to reassure Israel’s leaders that President Mohamed Morsy would be focused on internal matters and there would be no drastic changes to Egypt’s foreign policy toward Israel.

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  • Mohammed aly Ibrahim

    The dirty game started.Clinton’s fears are nothing but a repition of Israeli continuous claims that Sinai is a place to export terrorism.During Mubarak era the Israelis have their plans to threat Egypt’s national security arguing that Egyptians were incapable to protect their borders.Israelis maliciously called for transfer gaza to Egypt and close the borders.It is a long intrigued plan to kick off gaza and bury the Palestinian cause.The fear comes from us pressures over the new president,with his known sympathy towards Hamas ,to accept the bargain.Sinai has a sacred place in Egyptians hearts as the martyers blood were shed on it’s sands in 4 wars to liberate it.To Clinton I say Sinai is very precious and hard to get.


    Hilory Clinton fear sanai will be terrorist base. WHY.?
    What I sraeal and America is doing with palestanian people in gaza?
    HOW.? By giveing the aid to egyptian Army same as the are doing in Pakistan and Yemen.

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