First specialised website to support investment and trade in Egypt

Mohamed El-Bahrawi
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In an effort to bolster sustainable economic development, the Crédit Agricole Bank of Egypt held a symposium yesterday in collaboration with several key organisations, titled “Supporting Trade and Investment.”

Among the participants were the representatives of the Investment Network and EUROMENA Investment fund (ANIMA,), the General Authority for Investment (GAFI,) the Egyptian Junior Business Association (EJB,) and the Egyptian Banking Institute.

The conference commenced with a positive speech by Mr. Francois Edouard Drion, Chairman and Managing director of Credit Agricole Egypt, who extended his gratitude to the aforementioned entities for their continuous efforts in steering the Egyptian economy through these very turbulent times.

Mr. Edouard Drion articulated the goals of the discussion in his speech, describing the conference as “a part of Crédit Agricole Egypt’s strategy and commitment to provide innovative tools and resources to help boost Egyptian companies,” which he dubbed as ”the cornerstone to grow the Egyptian economy as a whole.”

He emphasised that the bank is “equally committed to support large companies as well as SMEs, as part of its strong belief in the role of the private sector as a key partner in developing the economy and providing much needed job opportunities.”

The panel discussion was well attended, with over 200 companies representing a variety of sectors that contribute to the growth and development of the Egyptian economy.

Moderated by the former Minister of Finance, Dr. Samir Radwan, the discussion witnessed active participation from GAFI’s Assistant Chairman Mr. Hassan Famhi, Ms. Wafaa Sobhi, President of ANIMA, Dr. Mohamed Zakaria, head of the SMEs division in the Egyptian Banking Institute, Mr. Mohamed ElZayat, Vice Chairman of the Egyptian Junior Business Association and Mr. Romen Mathew, Chairman of EUROMENA Investment.

The bank announced during the conference the launch of the first specialised website to support investment and trade in Egypt, offering Egyptian enterprises a “rich and updated content and services to help support their trade initiatives.”

The website is free of charge and provides a myriad of data pertaining to the legal and regulatory frameworks for investment as well as information on investment opportunities in 185 countries.

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