Youth group to disband

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Members of the Revolutionary Youth Coalition also known as the 25 January Revolution Coalition have reached the end of their road. Or so says their executive office.

The alliance of multiple youth groups including April 6 Youth, the Young Muslim Brotherhood and more recently,  the National Front. The coalition intends to announce their official dissolution today at the Al-Sawy Culture Wheel in Zamelek, citing a culmination of the larger group’s aims and objectives. They aren’t splitting apart in acrimony however, the group coalesced to pressure the transition process through strength in numbers.

Now that, in large part, some of their core objectives have been met, the groups will go their separate ways and continue advancing their agendas as individuals or on behalf of their original parties by participating in the political process they helped forge. It is expected that representatives of the various leaders of the youth will attend the news conference set for today, and that they will mark the end of their alliance with discussion of the challenges still facing Egypt’s governance in practice.

According to Al Masry Al-Youm, Mohammed Qasas, a member of the coalition’s executive office, says that while there is a dispute between members over the timing of the dissolution, the larger groups has always remained united on their larger goals. Demands included ending the emergency law, the right to form associations and trade unions, as well as advancing issues of an independent media.

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