New lawsuit against Shura Council

Ragia Mostafa
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A lawsuit filed Thursday aims to disband the Shura Council on the grounds that it is subject to the same challenge that resulted in the dissolution of the People’s Assembly, namely the unconstitutionality of an amendment giving one-third of the seats to political party members that should have been reserved for independent candidates.

The case follows two other lawsuits filed last week, calling the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to dissolve the Shura Council as well, after the Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) disbanded parliament on 14 June.  Farouq Sultan, SCC head said the ruling applies only to the parliament, because the Shura Council was not reviewed. Earlier this week, the SCC decided the laws that administered the parliamentary elections were unconstitutional, giving independent seats to party members.

The lawsuits against the Shura Council were filed because the same laws were in effect during the Shura Council elections. Lawyers who filed the lawsuit, Saad Eddin Najuib and Assem Omar, indicated their reports that the Shura Council must be suspended as well. The lawyers added in their reports that the Shura Council is a waste of public money and energy because it is supplementary to the parliament and does not have political or legal powers without it.

As per the Constitutional Declaration since Mubarak’s rule, the Shura Council did not participate in political processes, but looked into draft laws and wrote reports. So far, it has been upholding the same job.

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